Children of Antarah by Yvette Canoura is the second book in the Mediterranean Sunset trilogy. Fatima enters into an arranged marriage to fulfill her father’s wishes. She marries Fouad, a controlling and egoistic man with lofty political ambitions. Her marriage is troubled due to Fouad’s narcissistic behavior. Fatima soon finds herself in the arms of a doctor named Brahim Al-Kateb, who falls helplessly in love with her. After spending years in prison, Brahim reunites with Fatima and they get married. They had a happy marriage and two wonderful children. However, the family did not realize there was someone evil lurking in the shadows. An enemy had infiltrated their personal lives and was about to ruin their happy family. Will Fatima be able to save her family from the intruder?

In Children of Antarah, politics, love, religion, charity, and friendship are the major themes. Yvette Canoura’s writing style is impressive. She portrayed the emotions of the characters very well, and each character had a unique personality. Fatima and Brahim’s marriage was the ideal type of marriage for me. I learned a lot from their relationship. Brahim, who happens to be my favorite character, is smart, romantic, and generous. The family faced discrimination for being Muslims, especially during the time that an Islamic group was terrorizing some countries. The discrimination did not affect their beliefs or change their relationships with other people. I was impressed by how the story flowed perfectly. I’m interested in reading the other books in the trilogy because I enjoyed this one. I believe people who love to read cultural fiction will find this book interesting.

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