Fatima and Brahim escape from Antarah and begin a new life across the Atlantic. They are determined not to let the horrors they experienced dictate their future together. But as their family grows and their children mature, Fatima is unsure if her decision to keep the truth about her past and their marriage a secret is as wise as she originally thought. She fears that the unrest in Antarah will draw her back and open the can of worms she has worked so hard to keep hidden. Unknown to her, old enemies have returned to seek their retribution and will stop at nothing to retrieve what is rightfully theirs in Yvette Canoura’s Children Of Antarah.

Yvette Canoura elegantly combines elements of orthodox Islamic family dynamics with western lifestyle in Children Of Antarah. She takes extra care to describe her characters’ origin stories in striking detail, making it easier to understand the rift between Fatima and Iman concerning her romantic interest. The storyline is interesting and the espionage subplot blended into this romantic story does a rather nice job of keeping a reader guessing at the eventual outcome. The conversation between characters, though veiled in some instances, is straightforward enough for anyone to grasp. Romance readers will enjoy this book and I daresay the same for adventure aficionados. Yvette Canoura has done a lovely job with Children Of Antarah. This unique novel tells an amazing story that everyone irrespective of age, ethnicity, or religious orientation will not just relate to but will enjoy reading.

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