Children of Antarah by Yvette Canoura is the sequel to Mediterranean Sunset. Continuing the story of Fatima, the tale follows her and Brahim as they continue their lives after the sacrifices they had made to be together. Their troubled past continued to haunt them. Brahim was plagued by nightmares of his torture in the military prison and he refused to share this with Fatima. Although their situation was not exactly a fairytale, Fatima and Brahim tried their best for the sake of the marriage and their children. When matters kept getting out of hand and new secrets emerged to threaten the bliss they had created for their little family, it was up to Fatima and Brahim to keep the peace and shield their precious Iman and Hasan from the chaos.

Children of Antarah by Yvette Canoura is a brilliant story with romance, struggles, and plenty of twists to keep readers hooked. The chemistry between Brahim and Fatima was off the charts. They were the backbone of the account and made sure readers were invested from outset. The chapter names revealed what readers could expect. Jamila was the breath of fresh air Fatima needed in the tense atmosphere, although she and Brahim made sure they protected one another. The ending was appropriate and exceptionally satisfying. The narrative style was perfect for the turns in the plot. Nothing was confusing and events worked toward a happy ending, providing a feeling of calm closure. I loved the book and highly recommend it to fans of romance as well as cultural fiction.

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