It was a forbidden love between Fatima and Brahim. Fatima was married to another man and surrounded by coups, conspiracies, obligations, heated politics, and threats to their lives. But love overcame, and they survived the chaos with battle scars. Unfortunately, Fatima knew secrets that could break the family. She led a wonderful life with her husband and children until a powerful villain from her past came calling. He was the link to everything wrong in her life. However, a woman will tolerate anything until her children are threatened. Then she has to make tough choices. Will Fatima reveal this secret to protect her family and lose their love, or will she hold on to the secret and watch her boy die? Find out in the Children of Antarah by Yvette Canoura.

Children of Antarah by Yvette Canoura is a fascinating novel that exposes politics and government. It also portrayed how ambition, aspiring to power, and the strength of societies are rooted in family. I loved the plot and storyline, which the author set in the Middle East and locations across the world. It was also interesting to learn about the cultures of different places that I could not have imagined otherwise. This novel was also thought-provoking and I was concerned about how to protect impressionable children from predators. How do we get our children to always confide in us without fear of judgment? The way the villain penetrated the Al-Kateb family scared me. Unfortunately, such a situation is the reality for children who leave their homes to attend school or go to the playground. There is always someone lurking around to prey on their naivete. May all our families be whole. Thank you for a beautiful story, Yvette.

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