"Draws you in from the very first paragraph"

Perfect romance suspense novel. A captivating story that draws you in as soon as you start reading, and it just keeps getting better. The author does a great job of creating an escape from everyday life. A story full of romance and suspense that which also includes cultural differences that adds to the richness and draw you further into the story. You won't want to put it down.

Maria E Ruiz

"Must Read"


"Perfect for a rainy Sunday!"


"A Great read!"

Such a captivating book. A page turner that I couldn’t put down. The author did a great job bringing the characters to life with every dramatic event.

Amazon Customer

"Couldn't put it down!"

Well written, suspenseful story. I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen next.

"Captivating read"

Amazon Customer

"Romance and suspense at its best!"

Great read. Couldn’t put it down. Highly recommend!!!!!

Amazon Customer

"Awesome book! I fully recommend it."


"Always interesting to learn about other cultures"

Understand this is the first of a trilogy; looking forward to the other two books. Some basic feelings are cross through all cultures.



Truly a very entertaining novel! I enjoyed the fact that the main characters are of a culture different than mine. I really recommend this book!

Yvette Melendez

"Intriguing Book"


"Mediterranean Sunset review"

I absolutely loved this book. It was hard to put down. A must read!

Glenda Rivera

"Loved it! Highly recommend"

Intriguing read. Especially enjoyed all the cultural references. Great combination of reading for pleasure while you learn. Hoping for a follow-up book to this one. Can't help wondering ''what next?’'





"Captivating story"

I loved this book. It's such a captivating story. Great read!



Captivated my imagination. Pleasurable read. Great summer beach reading.


"Great book!!"

Grabs your attention from the first page. Characters you develop a love or hate for and want to see what develops.


"Must read book"

A must read! Very captivating story. It grabs your interest from the very beginning and can't put it down. Thoroughly enjoyed this book.

Howard Wetsman MD

"Add to your book list!"

Thoroughly enjoyed it.



This novel was really entertaining! I am going to recommend it to my colleagues.

Melissa Abuelhawa

"You cannot put this book down!! Amazing!!!"

I loved this book!! It was so suspenseful that I read it all in one day! I couldn't wait to know what happened next!! Definitely, the best book that I've ever read!!

Hilda Marrero

"The descriptions!"

I enjoyed and loved reading Mediterranean Sunset. It was a book that I did not want to put down. The way the author sent you back and forward made the story more intriguing. It was also educational learning different customs of other countries. I am looking forward to the second part.

Maria Pilar Fernandez

"Spectacular Story"

I loved this book, it’s a beautiful story full of suspense that kept me trapped in each chapter, wanting to know what was next. Spectacular as the author manages to keep you anxious to know what will happen.
I recommend it 100%.

Marina Aleman

"You must read it!"

A very well weaved story, hard to stop reading it. Its detailed narrative, the cultural and religious references, the use of the flashbacks, the erotic scenes...I loved it! A must read!

Valorie Hart
The Visual Vamp

"The Perfect Romance Novel"

The perfect romance novel, combining a love story, intrigue, cultural discoveries, family values, exotic locales... Beautifully written and entertaining.

Pam Sheehan

"It was amazing"

I enjoyed this book! I enjoyed the tasteful romance, the suspense, as well as learning about the culture. I found myself stealing a moment here and there just to read this book. It’s a book you don’t want to put down, And at the same time at a loss when you read the last page. My first thought upon the conclusion of this book was...darn, now what am I going to read. I can’t wait for the authors next book.

Jennifer B


Damian Chable

"Loved It!"

Robert R.


Marisel Melendez

"Page turner"


"Truly enjoyed reading it!"

Satisfied Reader

"Couldn't put it down!"

I had a hard time putting it down. Tasteful love story with suspense. Exposed an age-old tale through a new culture and religion for me.

Shamel Sanchez

"Must Read"

Love this book. Left me wanting more!

Amazon Customer


Captivating, suspenseful. You’ll have to finish the complete novel in one sit!

D. Dimitri

"Romance and Suspense, didn't disappoint!"

Captivated my interest and couldn’t put it down. Romance and suspense with a side of culture!         100% recommend.

Amazon Customer

"Captivating and Entertaining"

The book was captivating and entertaining. Just what I needed to submerge and enjoy. ❤️📚

Gabriel Vazquez

"A Must!"

You just can’t stop reading it!! Love it!!!



Amazing read. The book pulls you right in and before you know it you feel yourself living the story firsthand. Absolute page turner.

W. Carreras-Scarola

" A romance with a twist"

An intriguing read. I was impressed with the detailed descriptions of life in Antarah , I learned so much about a different culture. I loved the sinister side of some of the characters and how invested I was in the outcome of their relationships. I can not wait for the next book!

Amazon Customer

"Page Turner"

I love to read and this book is at the top of my list. Very interesting, informative, exciting, mysterious, a great read.
Kudos to the author!


"It's fabulous"

Perfect Reading!


"Loved it"

I definitely recommend reading. This is such a beautiful book.

Ludo Vika

"More than fabulous!"

It was like love at first site. I fell in love with the cover and what was inside was even more fascinating. So romantic. I read it on a plane and couldn’t wait to get home and watch a sunset with my husband. I haven’t read a book in a long time and when I started reading this one, I couldn’t put it down. Looking forward to much, much more from this author.

Marines Soto Miranda

"Congratulations Yvette. Excellent work."

Excellent book. Very entertaining. Once you start reading, cannot let it go . Congratulations, Yvette! Expecting to read the trilogy.

Karen Adler

"Beautiful unveiling"

The suspense interwoven with the romance kept me reading through to the finish line! This was so well written as informative of cultural practices that I was unaware of. I look forward to reading another page turner mystery by this author!

Nydia A. Rodriguez

"Good Book!"

I loved this book. The flow and content were easy and interesting. You will not be disappointed.

Diana Carolina

"Good Fun Read"

This novel will captivate you. You will find yourself trapped in its own little world. It just has everything: a love story that will make you cry and a suspenseful plot line that won’t let you put it down. Also, it’s a refreshing cultural experience. Buy it and enjoy yourself reading it.

Gladys Ortiz

"First Time Reader"

Stayed up late every night untill I finished this book. A perfect blend of romance and intrigue that kept my interest to the very end.

Yolanda Diaz

"Mediterranean Sunset"

Great quick read that will transport you to another continent.

Marigloria Sierra

"Unexpected Surprise"

This book was an unexpected surprise. Well written, romantic, suspenseful, it’s a page turner. I was only going to read three chapters and ended up finishing the book in two days. I’m not a fan of romantic novels (even though I read my share of Barbara Cartland, Joan Collins and Danielle Steele as a teenager) yet I lived this book. Started to read it before I interviewed the author and was captivated by the plot, the characters and the combination of romance and suspense. Fatima is a young Muslim woman raised in DC who has to enter an arranged marriage. Turns out her forced marriage leads her to the love of her life. Even though I’m not a fan of romantic novela, this one has enough turns to maintain your interest. Exciting, exotic and timeless.